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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Sonu Nigam remains by his announcement, says his tweets have been confounded

Mumbai: Sonu Nigam's 'constrained religiousness' tweet has mixed monstrous discussion. On one hand, the vocalist has drawn individuals' anger while on the other, many have indicated solidarity with him. Talking only to Zeenews, Sonu cleared up his position and said that his tweets were never intended to hurt anybody's religious suppositions.

On being gotten some information about the feedback he drew from inside the business, Sonu, without naming anybody said that individuals made a judgment before knowing reality completely. He said that the "constrained religiousness" tweet shouldn't be picked in separation and rather one must read the whole string to comprehend the unique circumstance.

Nigam, who romanticizes Mohammed Rafi, said that individuals who misconstrued him ought to have indicated confidence in him as opposed to aimlessly accepting what was being appeared or advised to them.

He included that he doesn't fear the results. He is minimum annoyed about the activities against him. He said that God, who has made all, will deal with him.

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