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Thursday, 6 April 2017

At the point when a Bengal clinic "found" uterus, ovary in 63-year-old man!

Kolkata: An elderly man stopped a police protest on Thursday after a private healing facility report in West Bengal said presence of "uterus" and "ovary" in the ultrasonogram (USG) report of his guts.

Be that as it may, Sen was confounded when he got the report of the test done on March 10.

"I completed the USG from the Barasat Cancer Research and Welfare Center (Hospital). They gave me a wrong report. They send me the USG report of a female. The report alluded to the nearness of uterus and ovary," said an exasperated Sen.

The doctor's facility conceded its slip-up, saying it was a "writing mistake".

"I called the PC segment individuals. It was a writing blunder. The patient is ordinary. He has no infirmity. Be that as it may, in their rush to sort the report, they (PC area staff) made the mistake," said a doctor's facility official.

He said the clinic would do a rehash test, free of cost.

Nonetheless, Sen documented a protestation at the Barasat police headquarters griping of "gross carelessness" with respect to the doctor's facility.

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